Brandi Stage

Brandi Stage Portraiture

I am a portrait photographer that specializes in creating an exceptional magazine style photoshoot experience for my clients. I draw the beauty out of women and show it to them, but I also photograph men, children, and pets and work in the commercial world also. I come from a line of entrepreneurs so it was a perfect fit for me to follow in my families footsteps. I became a photographer after the Lord spoke to me and told me to do this as a business not a hobby anymore. I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography, found a mentor, studied my genre and built a portfolio I loved and could market. I’ve had the privilege of photographing the covers of Gulf Coast Woman magazine for a year and a half in which one of them, Lori Harper’s cover, recently won a gold addy.

My Key Message

Long lasting confidence starts on the inside.

I Challenge you to...

To look at confidence in a way perhaps you haven’t before and to consider what the source of your confidence is. Is it long lasting or fleeting?

Speaking at

“The Confident Woman”