Christy Pickering

Christy Pickering, CPA

Christy Pickering has spent the past four years speaking to women about the subject of abuse and domestic violence. Christy is sharing her story of living in an unhealthy relationship, mistakes she made and the lessons she learned so that others will not make her mistakes.

My Key Message

We all deserve to have a partner who treats us with love and respect….who only wants to build us up and not tear us down…..who rejoices in our victories and is with us to divide our sorrows. That is the kind of love that will allow someone to soar to the highest heights that they can achieve and know that there will be someone there to celebrate when we do.

There are several underlying messages….

  • You can’t find “happy” if you stay with “unhappy”
  • You have love yourself before others can love you
  • Your children deserve happiness too….and you may be the only one who can make sure they find it

I Challenge you to...

Take a good, hard look at your relationships. Are they the type of relationships that are supportive and that build you up? Or are they toxic and negative influences in your life? I would challenge them to imagine how far they could go in their career and how fulfilling their life would be if they were in a healthy relationship that fostered that kind of atmosphere. A healthy relationship like that is one where “roots can grow deep” and “love can go strong”.

Speaking at

“I Love Me”