We want to help them reach their career and personal goals in the new year… vision boards are a visual representation of what we want to create in life. Having a visual will inspire, motivate, and encourage you to make decisions that move us closer in that direction.

Jocelyn Gavin Lane

When committing to positive change, Jocelyn Gavin-Lane says, “I absolutely believe in the power of vision and goal setting.” To that end, she actively works on a personal vision board throughout the year and encourages others to do the same. Far more than “pictures cut out of a magazine,” Lane explains that a vision board helps someone keep her aspirations in order and stay accountable to them.

She invites those who are serious about personal growth to participate in her ongoing “Fierce & Fearless” vision board program, which is tailored to entrepreneurs, professionals and others seeking to adjust the trajectory of their lives.

Don’t forget to BRING YOUR OWN BOARD to the event.