Shelia Rivers, LCSW, MPH

Rivers Psychotherapy Services

Hello, I’m Shelia Rivers. I’m a Licensed Certified Social Worker. I specialized in mental health counseling for individuals, families, children & adolescent, military personnel and groups. I’ve worked in the mental health eld for 15 years and love the gift of helping people heal. As a survivor of life harsh adjustments and depression, I have a passion for women struggling with mental health issues. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Public Health Executive Administration and presently working toward Doctorate of Social Work.

My Key Message

My message is to change the way one would think, feel, and react. When one can replace “Why is this happening to me” with “What is this trying to teach me? your way of thinking, living, and beginning to shift.

I Challenge you to...

I would like to challenge the audience to view life circumstances from a lens of growth and the positive outcome no matter what the circumstance may be.

Speaking at

“I Love Me”